About my Writing

I’ve been writing reviews and analysis of movies, music, books, and art for over 20 years. My style is a flexible blend of informative and approachable, intended to celebrate my areas of focus. I currently co-host the podcast Bad Books for Bad People, where Jack Guignol and I take a monthly deep-dive into works of weird literature that span genres and even centuries. I make regular speaking appearances at a number of  pop culture variety shows in the New York City Area on topics including Black Masses, Turkish Spider-Man, heavy metal horror movies, super villains, and dream sequences in Italian giallo thrillers.

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Here are some of the things I write about:

  • Exploitation movies

  • Surrealist and Decadent art

  • Vintage genre literature

  • Alternative comics

  • Niche forms of heavy metal

  • Esoteric history

Who I've Written and Presented For