About Heretical Sexts

Heretical Sexts is a micro-publishing imprint run by Tenebrous Kate. The imprint was founded to provide an outlet for art and writing focused on niche interests that tease orthodoxies while maintaining a unique perspective and (frequently) a sense of humor. Heretical Sexts publications are collaborative, designed to highlight the unique perspectives of the artists, writers, experts, and story-tellers within their pages. 


Latest Publication

Morbid Fantasies is written by Jack W. Shear featuring artwork by Tenebrous Kate, Dana Glover, Becky Munich, and Carisa Swenson. The limited edition, handmade book was available in both hardbound and softcover editions and featured linocut covers assembled and printed by Tenebrous Kate.

Morbid Fantasies covers the history and manifestations of gothic fiction across history and media, taking a look at key titles, figures, and tropes encountered within these tales. Shear's approach blends scholarly knowledge with an approachable tone and is designed to appeal both to newcomers and connoisseurs. 


  • Introduction: A Reader’s Guide to the Gothic

  • Part I: An Introduction to the Gothic

  • Part II: Gothic Conventions

  • Part III: A Gothic Reading List

  • Part IV: Select Filmography


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