17th Century Dirtiness, Extreme Metal Logos, and Esoteric Music Galore

I appear to have grossly over-committed myself during the month of April, but I've managed to make it through in one piece. Thank you to all who came out and said hi at various events!

On the personal front: I am running a sale in my webstore. Enter the code SPRINGCLEANING at checkout and receive 20% off any order. EUROPEAN FRIENDS: I have added a European shipping option. It sucks that the price is so high, but that's in the postal service's hands, not mine (alas).


I am hosting the psychedelic biker/folk horror/comedy suicide movie PSYCHOMANIA as part of Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn's Weird Wednesdays offering. Come out and see one of the wildest offerings of the British Horror Boom on the big screen this Wednesday May 2nd!


The Restoration's Filthiest Poet (and Why We Need Him) - JSTOR Daily by Ed Simon

John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester, is one of those historical figures who's almost too good to be true. Fashionable, scandalous, and a libertine through and through, he penned verse so explicit it makes today's audiences blush. (Today's audiences are often prudish and puritanical but that's neither here nor there--you take my point). This is a great piece talking about his significance and quoting from some of his poetry.


Inside the World of Extreme Metal Logos - Kerrang! by Mike Rampton

I have a huge admiration for people who push the boundaries of design, and the dysfunctional anti-aesthetic of illegible metal logos delights me to no end. Talk about "more is more!" Peek behind the curtain at the design decisions that go into creating some of the most extreme logos in the world of metal.

Speaking of underground music, here's a quick list of things that have piqued my interest lately:

Reverorum ib Malacht and Black Metal Excess as Devotion - Invisible Oranges (baroque as fuck Catholic black metal)

Under the Shadows: Welcome to the Unique Darkness of Grave Pleasures - Kerrang (sexy goth-inflected post-punkish rock with a soupcon of surf)

Exclusive: Hear Hekate's New Single "Luzifer Morgenstern" - Heathen Harvest (Satanic German neofolk)

The Rise of Ruin: An Interview with Tusmørke - Heathen Harvest (a magically upbeat palate cleanser in the form of an interview with the proggy, mystical, psychedelic Norwegian band)


Smoke and Leather 1971Sweet Jane

And finally, we land on a fashion editorial that truly has it all. And by "all," I mean "French women in leather, smoking."